UVI Beatbox Anthology 2 – King of the Hill

Yo yo what's good - it's your man DJD checking out the hot new UVI beat maker, groove creator and dance floor shaker - yes, it's here, the brand new Beatbox Anthology 2 - I've been jamming on it and I'm far too pumped to sit down right now, but let's get into it......
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Devin Townsend – Live @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2017

Going to a concert is always exciting. You’re in the same physical space as the architect of your most favourable spatial vibrations. You’re on the same emotional plane as the soul that first conceived that combination of musical frequencies to reflect a particular...
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UVI Falcon – The cool new kid on the block

By far the most ambitious offering from French developer UVI, Falcon looks to take on Native Instruments Kontakt head on. Introduction UVI might not be a familiar as other workstation titles on the market such as Kontakt, Reason or Sampletank but it works along...
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Green Day – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2017

Even without the mysterious pink bunny serving as a hype man — who was running around, urging the capacity crowd at Auckland’s Spark Arena to raise their arms while singing along to The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” — Green Day’s audience would have been raring to go....
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Spitfire Audio Symphonic Strings

It’s getting increasingly more difficult finding a balance when reviewing Spitfire Audio products, they’re all such high quality that you know there’ll be no real faults to find. The question isn’t so much ‘should you buy?’, as the obvious answer is, of course, yes. The real question is…can my composing do justice to this level of excellence?

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UVI Synth Anthology 2 – No Limitations

What happens when you trim all the fat away and reduce a synthesiser down to its purest form? A simple patch with essential controls would be rather boring, right? As it turns out, less really is more. Synth Anthology 2 offers an  endless array of possibilities...if...
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Hans Zimmer – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2017

How do you translate over 150 film soundtracks and nearly 40 years of the most recognisable anthems into a 2-hour rock opera?  Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Academy Award winning The Lion King - if you're not immediately familiar with...
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Hanging With Violet Highway

The sun is streaming down, while Auckland band Violet Highway are in a buoyant mood. We catch up with them at local haunt Maungawhau (Mt Eden to you & me) WORDS BY WAL REID - PHOTOS BY JACKO ANDREWS Having recently launched their latest recording e.p. Breathe,...
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Pink Floyd Experience – Live Wellington 2017

I had the pleasure and privilege of joining "The Pink Floyd Experience" (referred to going forward as PFE) over both nights on the Wellington leg of their New Zealand and Australia tour to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Pink Floyd's Animals album (23rd Jan 1977)....
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Hot: Teeks – If Only




Introducing: Kurisú

Introducing: Kurisú

“My music is about the darkness that we typically don’t like to talk about. The truth is we all face difficult times and if we...


Music Nation interviews Rolling Stones Production Manager Dale “Opie” Skjerseth during the recent New Zealand tour.

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