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The Brooklyn-based Kiwi duo making a name for themselves on the international stage There’s been an underground buzz brewing about this New York-based Kiwi duo for months. They make catchy-as-hell…

Pirated Music Statistics Down

It looks like much of the doom and gloom outlook for live streaming has totally evaporated heading towards the end of 2017.  It seems, at odds with predictions, users prefer to pay a monthly…

BIO: Levi Patel

“The perfect companion to that vivid and beautiful landscape, that moment of fleeting love,or indeed, the escapism needed from it all. It’s damn-right beautiful.” – A Strangely…

WATCH: Delete Delete – Silver Linings

Auckland-based guitar-synth, alt pop-rockers DELETE DELETE offer a sweet taster from their pending debut album. ‘Silver Linings’ deliciously mashes vocal and lyrical hooks, rocking indie guitars…


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