A Virtual Reality Future for Music

A Virtual Reality Future for Music

It is an interesting time to be a part of the dynamic world of music. With the advancement of technology constantly breaking down the barriers between the possible and impossible every day, limitations with how one can present their own music visually are becoming far more vast.

Words by Poppy Tohill

VR (4)Proving this is 19 year old New Zealand artist Maya Payne, who is breaking barriers of her own by accomplishing a world first that may just be the most life-changing facet the music industry has ever seen.

“I think that in today’s music world you really need to do things that are different” – Maya Payne.

Virtual reality, Immersive multimedia and computer-stimulated reality. Sound familiar?

Whilst virtual reality, in the way of a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment has been growing in popularity as of late, Maya Payne in conjunction with fledging New Zealand start-up company, realityvirtul.co have not only teamed up to create a truly immersive VR music video, but are the first in the entire world to do so, creating a musical experience realityvirtual.co are describing as a ‘vreamscape.’

“Videos can be quite one-dimensional, but through this I have been able to add subtle meanings and depth which can be experienced differently every time you enter the experience. What I really loved about this is that it adds a whole new depth to how as an artist I can present my work.” – Maya Payne.

VR (1)Musically backed by the dark wavering synths of Payne’s track Breathe Again, entering the young songstress’ virtual reality world is a beautifully haunting experience. With the immersive multimedia featuring a genuine in-motion performance of Payne amid a stunning abandoned church setting, the spectacular intertwining combination of the two is more than enough to send a shiver down your spine.

With this new realm of cinematography stimulating the user’s physical presence and offering the opportunity to enter into an environment far more intimately than one could in the real world, this advanced technology allows you to do everything from enter other rooms, read notes on the walls and view items on the surrounding tables, all whilst watching Payne perform, just as one would if physically there.

Importantly one must realise that this experience is not a 360° video but a true 6 degrees of freedom that with its power catapults you into the depths of Payne’s own fascinating universe which is not only mind-blowing but unbelievably realistic, true and inspiring from an artistic perspective, as the gap between artist and fan becomes practically non-existent.

“It was a really different experience for me, as I had to perform not to a camera, but to an array of scanners. We shot the performances over three days and as it’s such a new technology and space, we were really learning on the job from take to take.” – Maya Payne

VR (2)Employing the skills of award-winning video director and producer, Shae Stirling as the live capture director and project manager, directing Payne’s performance, Simon Che de Boer (realityvirtual.co) and team focused strongly on the virtual creativity elements, paying attention to Payne’s every movement, so not to miss any fine details that could impair the final polished product.

Inclusive of ultra-realistic 3D photogrammetry that incorporates digital and cultural preservations such as pristine artwork, assets and environments of significance, Payne’s virtual reality musical experience can only be displayed on a HD VR headset such as the Oculus Rift. However, if you don’t have the correct VR gears, it is not long until retailers world-wide will begin offering in-store opportunities for anyone to test out this new tech and step into Payne’s magical virtual world.

“I just really wanted to do something different and fresh.” – Maya Payne

Propelling towards the release of her debut EP, The Lucky Ones, set for release on Friday 1 July, Maya Payne’s Breathe Again Virtual Reality Musical Experience video, exhibits the drastic changes of our ever-growing music industry, with what we believe is to be the future of music videos and visual music experiences.

View a walk through demo of the video here:


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