AKG K175 Closed-back Foldable Headphones

AKG K175 Closed-back Foldable Headphones

Respected NZ sound engineer Milo Kerrigan needed to upgrade his old faithful headphones and decided to go with the new AKG K175 professional foldable headphone. This is what he had to say:

Having used an ‘Industry Standard’ pair of headphones, I was very reluctant to change. I have used AKG headphones in the past – predominately in the studio during recording sessions – and they worked OK but weren’t well suited for Live Audio.

The AKG K175’s however are a game changer. For me, the first thing about headphones is the audio quality. Too many Headphones have a bass boost or a treble boost or both. For me, headphones need to be tuned as flat as possible and I actually thought my old headphones were pretty flat! (Although they do lack a bit of bottom end)

The K175’s are glorious! I immediately noticed the clear bottom end – not too much, but it’s there! And the upper mids are clear and clean. The 40mm drivers certainly do their job well! Being that they are closed back – outside noise is reduced significantly so when I used them in a live setting, there was no need to cup my hands over them.

They are a tad heavier than my old faithful ones but this is only because they are so well made and have a steel head band instead of being all plastic! THEY FOLD UP!!! With a clever little metal hinge they fold up to half the size of standard headphones! Why is this important? Because if, like me you have a SKB case on wheels with virtually every spare a band could need (they always forget something!) then space is a premium!

I was dubious about the ‘self adjusting headband’ but pleasantly surprised at how well it works! Just throw them on and it sort’s itself out! The ear pads are super comfortable making these easy to wear for long periods – in fact I had to force myself to remove them when mixing the band! The large ‘L’ and ‘R’ inside the cups is an awesome feature and saves me from staring at my headphones trying to work out left from right in the dark! There are also different cable options (Curly and straight) as it comes with a mini cannon connector which looks to be super strong.

Input impedance is 32 ohms so plenty of grunt with most devices and I was able to run the desk headphone amp at half instead of almost flat out!

Every adjustment I made when wearing them translated well to the PA so doing a ‘Headphone’ mix when faced with a badly positioned FOH location is now a viable option as they are very honest!

Being someone who suffers anxiety when faced with change, I can happily say that these headphones have definitely helped me to embrace it and look forward to trying new things!

I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about them!

It would appear that change is good!

AKG Professional headphones are imported and distributed exclusively in NZ by JPRO and are now available to purchase through leading music stores and professional audio dealers.

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