Behind Closed Doors.

Behind Closed Doors.

There’s something special about Golden Age Studios, you know- the Auckland based studio where Lorde and more recently, Broods recorded their critically acclaimed albums.

10592674_685817468159728_7187950190428577360_nWell when I visited the studio earlier this week, there was certainly something magical happening inside. This time coming from the rising seventeen year old star, Maya Payne. 

Knuckling down in the studio with not only one, but two producers- Josh Fountain of Kidz In Space & Kabyn Walley of the Secret Club & MCHNCL, the team of three have a busy week ahead of them, working on songs for Payne’s upcoming EP.

When stepping into Golden Age Studios, you can feel the passion and energy radiating from the three musical minds involved. Both producers prove to be loving being able to bounce ideas off one another, as Maya knuckles down in the vocal booth, working on lyrics and laying down her vocal masterpieces.

Recently receiving Making Tracks funding from NZ On Air to help with funds for the EP, Payne also received another grant to film the music video for ‘Fragile,’ which is due for release early September.


‘Fragile’ although not actually being officially released yet, has received great air play success on a number of radio stations throughout New Zealand, including UK producer Someone’s Enemy (Will Gibson) remix of the track, (which you can hear on sound cloud) airing on BBC earlier this year.

Talking about remixes, Dunedin Producer Kabyn Walley who also goes by the name of MCHNCL has just released a new remix of Fragile, which debuted at number 5 on  Reddit for electronic music. The remix is also available to listen to on sound cloud, so be sure to give that a blast at full volume through your headphones.. and maybe we can get it to #1 on Reddit!?

‘Fragile’ will be officially released and available on iTunes from September 1, but in the meantime you can check it out on sound cloud now, if you for some strange reason haven’t done so already!

At only 17 years of age, Maya has always loved music playing guitar and piano, as her singing style has evolved. Inspired by artists such as Chet Faker, Broods and Banks, Payne is very passionate about making music with soul, heart and energy, hoping to truly connect with her audience.

As she continues to work hard behind the closed doors of Golden Age Studios for a few more days, things are still happening outside of those doors. One being the recent launch of her crowd funding project through ‘Spark My Potential.’

As I’m sure many of you know, hiring a studio, producer, engineer, flights and the whole works is not very cheap, which is why Spark Potential have gotten behind Maya to help her try make these things possible. Already gaining support from key New Zealand music industry supporters such as NZ On Air, local radio stations and blogs,  Maya still has two more tracks to record in order to complete her debut EP which she hopes to have ready to release by the end of this year.

So Spark Potential have launched a crowd funding project for Maya, which entitles the public (eg: you guys) to be able to pledge, in other words donate some money towards Maya’s project, helping her raise some funds so she can record the two final tracks needed to complete her anticipated debut EP, and continue to share more of her exceptional music with the rest of us fans!

So with ‘Random Act Of Kindness Week’ just around the corner, this I believe is a fantastic cause to support, as those who pledge will also be treated to special behind the scenes updates, footage, images and other exciting pieces of information of the recent going ons behind the scenes.

From big to little, I am sure any size donation would be greatly appreciated, and if you don’t have any money to contribute, even helping spread the word of this project and cause would be extraordinarily helpful.

You can watch Maya’s video to learn more about her project below, While also taking a sneak peak at what has been going on behind those closed doors of the wonderful Golden Age Studios!


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