Brightly Painted – Tiny Ruins

Brightly Painted – Tiny Ruins

Once again, an incredibly talented, female New Zealand singer-songwriter has come along to show us just how music is done right.

It’s been a long time since a whole album in its entirety has truly impressed me, but there’s just something about Tiny Ruins latest album ‘Brightly Painted One‘ that stands out amongst the crowd.

Talented songstress, Hollie Fullbrook began Tiny Ruins as a solo project in 2009. Now, just five years later with one EP and album under her belt she has already achieved great international recognition for her unique, indie, folk sound, touring throughout Australia, Europe and the United States, opening for artists such as Beach House, Joanna Newsom, Fleet Foxes and many more.

Fullbrook expanded her project to a full band, for her exceptional sophomore album, ‘Brightly Painted One‘ adding bassist Cass Basil and drummer Alexander Freerwhich. If you haven’t already listened to the new album, I suggest you go and check it out on Spotify right now, because there is honestly no words that can describe just how stunning it truly is. I for one have had it on constant repeat since its release earlier this month.

Still retaining a minimalist approach, the album is layered and shaped with an array of brass, percussion and strings, augmenting a quiet, precious sound and background for Fullbrook’s calm and soothing vocals.

Close your eyes and picture yourself lying on the beach or in the middle of a park, on a warm summers day with a refreshing light breeze across your face. Or perhaps its a cold and wet wintery day and you’re lying inside next to a warm, flickering fire. Whatever the season, or weather, the entire album has a warmth suffusing it, that will linger throughout your heart and soul, warming your insides, long after the music has ended.

TinyRuinsCurrently on tour throughout Europe supporting Neil Finn, Fullbrook is used to juggling a busy schedule, often touring, writing and also being her own manager.

It all seems to have payed off so far for the talented and motivated musician however. With the success of her debut album ‘Some Were Meant For The Sea‘ gaining a position in the NZ Top 40 chart, I would be very surprised if ‘Brightly Painted One’ doesn’t hit the top 20 at least..

If you’re never heard of Tiny Ruins before now, and/or haven’t seen them live,shame on you. But don’t worry, because you’re in luck! With the release of ‘Brightly Painted One,’ they’ve also announced a full NZ tour, so be sure to add these dates to your calendar now and be in quick, because when Tiny Ruins come to town, it’s not often that their shows don’t sell out. With good reason!

Don’t be the one who misses out on one of New Zealand’s finest acts. You will regret it.

Tiny Ruins NZ tour dates:

Picton-Thursday 5th June- LeCafe
Lyttleton-Friday 6th June- Wunderbar
Dunedin-Saturday 7th June- Queens
Wanaka-Sunday 8th June- Gin and Raspberry
Okarito-Monday 9th June- Donovans Store
Barrytown-Tuesday 10th June- Barrytown Hall
Nelson- Thursday 12th June- The Play House Theatre
Wellington- Friday 13th June & Saturday 14th June- Puppies
Auckland- Saturday 28th June- Crystal Place

Definitely a band to keep a close eye on as they continue to grow from strength to strength, you can follow them on facebook for more updates and all things, Tiny Ruins.


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