CONTRIBUTORS (Writers, Illustrators, Photographers)

Music Nation are looking for writers, illustrators and photographers on an ongoing basis to help make an informed, inspiring, witty and opinionated collection of the voices and talents that make New Zealand such exciting places to be.

With around 300,000 visitors to our site every month, Music Nation gives writers a platform to get their voice heard, and illustrators and photographers an opportunity to showcase their work and build their portfolio.

If you’re a writer: Currently we are particularly interested in hearing from music critics based in and around Auckland and Wellington who are passionate about their local scene. Reviewing and voicing opinions on live events, albums or music DVDs, or perhaps a weekly subject column or the likes. Please drop an email to, please include examples of your writing and details of what you’re most interested in writing about.

If you’re an illustrator or photographer: Please email with the subject line ‘Contributor: illustrator’ or ‘Contributor: photographer’ and let us know your area of expertise/interest (e.g. perhaps you’re a fashion photographer, or would like to try more live music photography) – and please link us to your portfolio where possible rather than attaching large files.

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