Does your guitar reflect your personality?

Does your guitar reflect your personality?

Hi Guys, I hope winter’s been kind to you. I’m glad it’s finally warming up. I don’t know about you but I’m over the cold, the flu and snotty noses…bring on the BBQ Weather!

One thing I really get a kick out of is projects like this. This month I got my hands on Nick’s favourite Tele. He liked it but thought it needed personality and boy if we didn’t inject plenty into this baby and unleashed the inner beast.  We took a stock Fender American standard and upgraded the following.


So we started by replacing the pickguard with a very cool WD aluminum diamond plate one, and added some stainless steel screws. No need to worry about shielding the back of this pickguard – is conductive.

We then replaced the bridge with a Vibramate & Bigsby B5. The cool thing about this upgrade is the Vibramate plate mounts over the old holes & strap button. The Bigsby’s just ooze class while producing that iconic sound…and looks killer. It adds such a great new dimension for the player.


We then loaded up the new diamond plate control plate with the best of the best electronics: Bourns 82 Vintage pots, oil filled tone capacitor, Switchcraft jack, high spec 3 way switch & some vintage cloth cable.  The Bourns pots are beautifully made and completely sealed so you won’t get any scratchy pot syndrome (great if you live in a damp house). They’re also incredibly dynamic and touch sensitive.

When you turn down your guitars volume, the Bourns work by gradually reducing gain while staying clear. For example we’re playing with distortion setting on your amp and you rolled down your volume knob on the guitar, it would sound more like rolling down the gain knob on your amp.

The 0.22 oil tone cap gives more of a vocal filter sound like a wah. So there’s no more sounding like there’s a blanket over your amp.  Players: like Slash, Billy Gibbons & Eric Clapton used the tone roll off sound a lot. Most noticeably would be the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” intro & solo.

This is without a doubt one of the most popular upgrades at KDG. read some of the reviews here


Last but one of the most important parts.

Nicks specs:

  • Tuning: Open G ( DGDGAD)
  • Action: 4&5 (64ths) Click here for more info
  • String Gauge: Elixir 11-49
  • Nicks playing style: The Stones, Classic Rock

KDGHere are 3 KDG tips for injecting some personality into your axe. We have a full range from cheap and cheerful to complete decadence.

1. Accessory kits – New knobs & pickup covers are a great place to start.

2. Pickguard – One of the cheapest and most effected ways to change the appearance and vibe of your axe.

3. Hardware – Change the colour or add an inspired new piece like Nick and his Bigsby.

Thanks for checking out the column till next time, KD

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