Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line and Sinker

I first discovered a young Tessa Lyes in 2013, with the release of her debut EP, ‘Imaginary Lover.’  Now three years later, still continuing her fusions of blues, rock, folk and alternative styles, Lyes is back with her melodic guitar phrases, harmonious vocals and powerful rhythms with her latest single ‘Hook Line and Sinker,’ which was released earlier this week on April 24.

Written in collaboration with Dunedin band Falconets during the 2015 elections, Lyes informed me the single which was brought to life at Dancing Fox studios, a small home recording studio in Dunedin, “explores raw and emotional political ideas and frustrations, while retaining a catchy folk/pop vibe.”

Beginning with a poignant, melodic riff, Lyes’ soothing voice soon enters with shades of Florence & the Machine and Mel Parsons filtering through much of her vocal delivery.

Following the first verse and chorus of the song, we are then introduced to the distinctively, unique voice of the Falconets vocalist, Joseph van der Hurk, whose vocal delivery and tone similar to that of English singer-songwriters Jake Bugg & King Charles, compliments that of Tessa Lyes exceptionally, as they join forces for the following choruses.

Writing songs since the age of seven, ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ showcases a more definite mature side of Lyes and her songwriting talents, as she successfully perfects the balance between subjectively expressing raw political ideas, influences and frustrations whilst retaining the happy and catchy rhythm that is undeniably very memorable throughout the entirety of the song.

At only 22 years of age, with a considerable number of accolades already under her belt, a performing career that spans ten years, and a full length debut album on the way, ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ is still just the beginning in proving what Lyes is capable of as her singing and songwriting talents continue to grow from strength to strength with each of her releases.

Check out Tessa Lyes and Falconets on Facebook & Twitter and head to iTunes to download/listen to ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ now!

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