Kamandi (aka Tyrone Frost) is one of the leading lights of New Zealand’s contemporary electronic music scene. Hailing from Christchurch, Kamandi first came to national and international attention in 2011, when he began disseminating his original bedroom productions online via soundcloud and bandcamp. He followed that up with nightclub performances around the country, where his sound caught the ears of Madcap Touring, Hit+Run Crew, Red Bull Sound Select, and underground radio stations worldwide.

KAMANDIA beat-maker, producer and live performer, Kamandi’s forward leaning soundworld draws measured influence from both the LA beats scene and the deeper, meditative side of the UK bass music continuum. Having first completed a Bachelor of Musical Arts while at Jazz school, he brings a studied understanding of stage performance to his music and its live presentation.

As testament to his talents, Kamandi’s output has seen him accumulate over three hundred thousand plays on soundcloud, perform alongside Jonwayne, Mono/Poly, Lunice, Julien, Dyne, Baths, Tokimonsta, Daedelus, Gold Panda and Kaytranada, and make numerous headline performances and festival appearances.

KAMANDIOnline, Kamandi has been well supported by key music blogs Earmilk, Hypetrak, Hilldilly and Stylss Sessions. Following his association with Red Bull Sound Select though Hit+Run Crew, ‘Crown Violet’, Kamandi’s collaboration with rising US rapper Azizi Gibson was released via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder record label. He’s also been working with boutique imprint Secret Club, and clothing labels Somek and Daily Paper, based in New Zealand and the Netherlands respectively. Earlier this year Kamandi unveiled a collaborative EP titled AA$B with fellow Christchurch beat-maker PXLX.

Committed to music as a lifelong pursuit, Kamandi is in love with the medium’s ability to intimately describe feelings and thoughts better than words can. With the depth and intensity of his music increasing with every song, he might just crossover without compromising his core creative values.


http://bit.ly/KamandiMixtape – Free Mixtape download

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