Lyttleton’s Rising Star

Lyttleton’s Rising Star

Twenty three years of age, with one album to her name and The New Zealand Herald have hailed her as one of the top five NZ artists ‘set to do big things.’

With a unique talent and style all her own, I am of course talking about Lyttleton’s rising star Aldous Harding.  Wowing and amazing audiences around New Zealand for the last 3-5 years traveling around with The Eastern, Harding’s self titled debut album displaying her very unique sound and delicate, melodious vocals, which run true through every song, definitely has me believing as the NZ Herald suggests, that Harding has many big things ahead of her.

While in Australia for her album release tour Harding also supported fellow kiwis Tiny Ruins, more recently supporting Marlon Williams (who co-produced Harding’s album) at Auckland’s Tuning Fork, proving an ultimate crowd favorite, continuing to wow audiences with her raw talent. Her debut album remains a treasure but I highly recommend you get out and see her live if you can, because she will absolutely blow you away.

Recorded at Ben Edwards of Lyttleton Records studio, Hardings songs mostly based on feeling form to tell numerous stories of love and loss among other emotions. The power is in the rawness of each tune as the lyrics both haunt and sooth the soul.

Single ‘Hunter’ which is essentially the song that introduced many to the talented young artist, is a beautifully delicate and harmonious tune which perfectly showcases all sides of Harding’s exceptional talent, from her stunning and calming vocals, to the soft guitar and violin instrumentation which provides the sweet backing melody.

The recently released video for the single, which you can check out below also magnificently captures the true emotion of the song, proving a thrilling and captivating watch.

Hardings style not only includes her exceptional unique musical and vocal talent, but also her refreshingly humorous and somewhat cheeky persona which is apparent when on stage. Although a shy side of her personality is visible while performing, her comedic comments and interaction with the audience reign strong and just as entertaining throughout her live performance.

Although still relatively fresh on the scene, I suggest keeping an eye and ear out for this incredibly talented young lady as it seems obvious that she has only just scratched the surface, and it won’t be long before the rest of the world know Miss Harding’s name.

Follow her on Facebook to keep up to date with all things Aldous and get your hands on a copy of her debut album too! (I would if I was you..)


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