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Music Nation’s Audio News section is ideal for quick promo articles and press release posts, displaying up to 100,000 hits on our front page and dedicated news section every month.  Depending on the concentration of articles received, news posts can display on our front page from a few hours to many days. However, we use SEO tags to ensure posts expired to archive pages are fully indexed and searchable.

Companies, promoters, agencies and musicians are very welcome to contact and add us to your regular press list. Music Nation will only post articles directly relevant to general music, music production and recording or New Zealand related bands, albums and tour information.

Musicians, management or promoters wishing to submit articles featured articles, bios and editorials on our The Scene section should view our guidelines on the Feature On Music Nation page.


Music Nation Audio News Guidelines



Send PR soon as possible. Informing us on the day of your big event is next to useless as it takes a few days for the wheels to start turning and generating buzz. Mark embargo PR with a clear date you want it publicised. We only post to social media if your event has not already passed.


Press releases are best supplied in plain text format – please do not send Word Document formatted or PDF copy. They might look pretty, but we don’t have time to rewrite your PR so any pre-formatting will be lost when posting. Tables and weird indentation will not display correctly. Alternatively, just attach a plain text version.


Your article should include a catchy headline of no more than 8 words. The headline should read like a news headline: concise, catchy, and factual – not self-congratulatory nor egocentric. Please include your company or product name in your headline.


The copy should read like a news story and be engaging for our readers. Please limit your copy to around 600-1000 words, as with many things – less is more. URL hyperlinks are great, but we will remove affiliated or links to other media outlets. We only post links to mainstream social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram) and official related site, like your website, ticketing and streaming services (like Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud).  A link to your website is highly recommended.

A little insider advice:

Use plenty of keywords in your copy. The keyword should be used in the heading and a few places throughout your copy. Also use plenty of relative name drops – for instance, if your product is connected to, say, Michael Jackson, use his name in your copy. It is a highly requested search phrase on Google and will help your post rank well. Of course, don’t go crazy and list every celebrity known to mankind, just the most relative to your PR. Testimonials are gold!

Use bold highlights to emphasize key points.  TYPING IN ALL CAPS is considered shouting on the Internet, which is perfectly fine for a heading or very important line – but use it sparingly.

Centralizing your copy can be effective, but can look cheesy – use with caution.

Finally – please spel ckech…and then spell check again. We scan for obvious typos, but it’s important you supply accurate copy.

Media content:  

Your press release must contain at least one high-resolution, copyright-free image we can use for the feature image that does not include text overlays. We do not use logos as feature images.  If your supplied images is not suitable we will obtain something close on Google image search, or not post the article. Please do not use copyright media. We do not post photo credits.

Best image size for us is landscape oriented 1200 wide. Portfolio or skyscraper images will get cropped by our web software, so anything in the top and bottom thirds will get cut – great if you like headless photos. We prefer full colour photos as opposed to black and white – we want the site to be bright and vibrant. Ideally keep photos under 100k in size, but we do optimize all images so anything you send will be compressed down.

YouTube or Vimeo promo video links are perfect, as are Soundcloud demos.  We cannot, unfortunately, host any audio or video content due to copyright restrictions and APRA licensing requirements in New Zealand. Please talk to us about scheduling live streaming events, this is something we can feature on our main page.


Press releases will be edited for both content and length, as needed, to meet these goals and obtain maximum interest; this is at the sole discretion of Music Nation. Not all submissions can be used.

Send all press release information to


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