Sonuscore: Origins Bundle Vol.1-5 All Instruments Now Available Together At A Reduced Price

Sonuscore: Origins Bundle Vol.1-5 All Instruments Now Available Together At A Reduced Price

Sonuscore, developer of high-quality virtual instruments like “The Orchestra”, “Action Strings”, “Action Strikes”, and more released Origins Bundle Vol.1-5, a collection of the five original Origins instrument couples: Sansula + Steel Tongue Drum, Music Box + Plucked Piano, 12-String Acoustic Guitar + Balalaika, Oud + Qanun, Ukulele + Muted Piano. Additionally, to the 5 matching couples, you will get every instrument as a brand-new solo NKI-instrument. This provides you even more flexibility in the selection of your sounds. Customers who already own parts of the bundle can unquestionably upgrade at a lower price.


The First Couple

The Sansula is a recent advancement of the Kalimba, which has its roots in traditional African music. Played by plucking metal tines attached to a membrane, the Sansula has a soft, but rich sound.

The Steel Tongue Drum is a modern instrument played with mallets or by hand. With its percussive sound, it forms the perfect pendant to the Sansula.

The Second Couple

The Music Box is often considered a toy, but offers a distinct sonic experience, which composers enjoy utilizing for an impactful effect on the listener.

The Plucked Piano is the ideal companion for the Music Box to create thrilling, mysterious and arcane soundscapes in no time. As the strings are being plucked instead of hit by a soft felt-covered hammer, the resulting sound is harsher and more rugged – ideal to get your audience into the right mood.

The Third Couple

The 12-String acoustic guitar offers a fresh, bright sound for a modern and familiar feel and, at the same time, can be used to emphasize ethnic, far-away nuances in your music.

Add the Balalaika for rich, more delicate and traditionally rooted textures. Originally from the regions of Central Asia and Russia, the Balalaika feels right at home in any ethnic, cinematic or contemporary setting, suited for gentle accompaniment as well as characteristic melodies.

The Fourth Couple

The Qanun (قانون), a renowned Arabian relative of the Zither, is famous for its unique, melodramatic sound.

The Oud (عود: literally “wood”) has been the key instrument across Middle Eastern and North African traditional and popular music for centuries, even millenniums in its region of origin. This forerunner of the European Lute impresses with its signature sound, enjoys the spotlight in your mix and pairs splendidly with the Qanun.

The Fifth Couple

With its light, familiar tone, the Ukulele is at home in the upper ranges. Let it happily pluck away to your score, give it a percussive twist, create ambient pads or run impressive modern-sounding arpeggios with it: The possibilities are endless and usually just one preset away.

The Muted Piano provides an interesting scope for tonal design. Playing simple chords can lay an atmospheric groundwork for your composition, while the Multi-Arpeggio-Designer can give the instrument a characteristic, modern, sometimes futuristic feel. Paired with the Ukulele, you can achieve a new and fresh sound right on the pulse of time.


The Origins Bundle Vol.1-5 will come at a discounted price of 249.00€. It is even further reduced until April 25th to 199.00€. Owners of one or more products of the Origins Series can of course also benefit from the bundle and upgrade at a lower price.

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