The Good, The Inbetween, but most importantly.. THE BADs

The Good, The Inbetween, but most importantly.. THE BADs

The Bads are back in action! Well to be completely honest they were never actually out of action because this talented duo always seem to be working on one musical project or another, but what I mean by back in action, is back on the road. Yes, The Bads have another national tour coming up in April/May, this time hitting the stage with Auckland based Alt/Folk/Country band The Great North and Brendan & Alison Turner.

If you’ve never heard of The Bads before, you’re about to learn who they are and if you’re not the biggest country music lover, be prepared to change your mind upon discovering these talented gems. Then last but not least, if you’re still deciding whether or not to head along to one of their upcoming shows, we’ll give you 3 reasons as to why you need to be there! 

So who are The Bads, you may ask? The Bads, (technically a duo) consist of one of the most musically talented couples in New Zealand- Brett Adams and Dianne Swann. The two can not only perform exquisitely as an acoustic duo, intertwining their strong vocal melodies and cleverly crafted guitar hooks and riffs, but put them with a full backing band (which I’m pleased to say they will be doing so on their upcoming tour), and they can also rock the stage to perfection.

Joined by the talented Wayne Bell, on drums, Mike Hall, on Bass and Dave Khan on the banjo, mandolin, fiddle and every other instrument you could possibly imagine, their country-fied, alt folk songs come to life with immense energy and cheer.

Having not seen The Bads perform live for a number of months now, myself,  last weekend I went on down to Grey Lynn Park for one of the Auckland Council’s free summer Music In The Park gigs, where The Bads were sweating up a storm on the stage, as were those on the dance floor. I can also confidentially assure you that although months have passed, there is no sign whatsoever of these talented folk slowing down. Adams rhythmic guitar versus and slick riffs drowned out the buzzing of the cicada’s as the sweet and delicate melodies of Swann, accompanied by Bell’s rhythms and Khan’s genius instrumental touches, were beyond magical on a spectacularly sunny Sunday afternoon.

So why should you go see The Bads live?

1. They are unlike any other band in New Zealand, in a good way. It’s a fact, so just come to terms with it.

2. It’s almost, but not quite, New Zealand Music Month. Therefore you have no reason to complain about too many gigs being on the same night, because they’re just sneaking in there early so you can’t even try using that excuse! Also- The Bads make for the perfect warm up to New Zealand Music Month.

3. The talent that makes up The Bads are constantly on the run working on different musical projects, so if you don’t see them now, it may be a little while before you get the chance to see them again, and I can assure you they are not a band you want to miss.

So yes, although there is a number of concerts coming up in the next few months, The Bads remain my number one top pick and suggestion for you to head along to.

Don’t be the one to miss some of New Zealand’s finest musicians in action.

Purchase your tickets here, Listen to The Bads there! 



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