Variety Of Sound – Freebe fantastico
Value for Money 10
Design & Layout 7
Installation 9
Stability & Performance 9
Mojo 8
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Variety Of Sound

Summary 8.5 great
Value for Money 9
Design & Layout 5
Installation 5
Stability & Performance 5
Mojo 7
Reviewers Slant 6
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Variety Of Sound – Freebe fantastico

Three free VST plugins you literally cannot live without.  I cannot even begin to tell your how often I use these plugins in my daily studio life, more so then a bunch of other commercial ones’ Ive purchased that are gathering digital dust at the back of the rack now.

These are all from a software developer name Variety of Sound, owned by the mysterious ‘Bootsy’.  He says he enjoys making pluggins free from the commercial interests, enjoying replicating classic hardware, but often adding his own special touch of magic. Yes, yes he does that very well.

Density Mk3

DensityIn use this is a simple BUS compressor that works more like a leveling amplifier. It has a stereo or duel-mono layout and a special M/S (Middle/Side) setting – The top row of knobs control the center of the mix, or the more ‘mono’ stuff. The bottom row controls the wider frequencies. It kinda sounds and works like a duel LA2A, but then again not really – but thats how I approach it in use. Its way to subtle to be used as a track comp, but on a BUS it works magic ‘gluing’ those dynamics together.

You drive this beastie very simply….range is your threshold, drive is your boost.  The timing knob refers to the release value, but put simply – P1 is fast, P6 is slow,  you will see the meters reacting to your choices. Density Mk3 is soooo transparent, its crazy. You can be hitting 5-6db of gain reduction and not even hear it working. The timing controls will stuff that up if what you’re after is a pumping effect, sure crank it up. But at decent levels, you will not find anything else, free or otherwise, on the market that performs as well as Density does on your mix busses.

Quick guide: Set it up on a bus channel – say, drums for instance. Make sure there’s decent level running to it. Range should be all the way up, or clockwise – drive all the way down. Set timing to P4 and makeup to off.  Now turn up the drive knob until you reach about 4-6db of gain reduction on the meters. You will hear this is pretty extreme compression now, simply wind back the range knob until you can’t hear any pumping or compression. Turn up the make-up gain knob roughly the amount the meters say your a reducing. Have a play with the colour dial (under the meters) if you feel its a bit too crisp or not smooth enough.


ThrillseekerThe Thrillseeker is a true leveling amplifier style compressor. If works in a similar manor to a Distressor or even a hot LA2A running into 2 inch tape. Its designed to be placed directly on a track channel, so you don’t get things like M/S processing, but there is loads of side-chain options if that’s your thang’.

The ‘Interstage’ saturation is Thrillseekers party trick. It sounds like a subtle tape saturation, but it apparently works on harmonic distortion, that stuff loads of people talk about but don’t really understand. In a nutshell you set the spectrum control to the area you want to focus on and dial up the THD slider.  Works very well on high dynamic range elements like drums, not so noticeably on bass and low dynamic instruments – but it will ever so slightly tighten up low end punch. The transformer switch adds a super-subtle transient presence boost, but boys its hard to hear, and you need to have the compressor pumping like mad to notice it.

Quick guide: As with the Density Mk3, a nice hot signal coming in. Set range to full (100) and input to 0db. Attack and release in the middle at 12 o’clock. Now increase your input dial until you hit about 4-6db of gain reduction, pull back the output to compensate. The range as before is the threshold, it adjusts the overall amount of compresson. Pull it back till you cant hear any noticeable compression.  Use the on/off switch to check before and after level are the same. Throw in the Interstage THD saturation to add distortion to the harmonics, much like the old analog mixing consoles used to do.  Total magic.

Baxter EQ

Baxter EQThe Baxter EQ is more of a transparent mastering EQ, its way to smooth and subtle to be used as a track EQ. But when placed on the master bus, all sorts of magical things happen. Think of Baxter as a ‘sheen’ EQ. It adds sparkle, or air, or what ever studio lingo you like to call it. Its the subtle chicken seasoning you apply to your hot chips. This EQ won’t fix a bad mix, but it adds that final little bit of character you don’t pick up on until you hear it. Its not enough to make your mastering engineer go crazy at you, but it will cap off your mix nicely without totally altering the sonic intent.

Quick guide: That’s a hard one, its totally dependent on your material – just use your ears and don’t go for massive changes, but subtly does it. Try some of the presets, they’re all amazing.

So there we go, three of the best…and more to come. Check out all of Variety of Sounds VST plugins. They are 32bit however, so be aware you will need to bridge them on a 64bit system.  They all look beautiful, CPU performance is outstanding and they cost no monies at all – freebie fanTASTICO!  (bah, lame I know lol)

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