How The Youngsters Rock

How The Youngsters Rock

Miller YuleNew Zealand continues to amaze me with the talent of young singer-songwriters we are currently producing.

I was just having a look through my blog however and I realised that I’ve written quite a few articles on females lately, so I’ve decided it’s time to add some more testosterone into U♥MUSIC with this post about two upcoming male musical gems that I, with a lot of luck, recently stumbled upon.

At 23 years of age, Miller Yule is an accomplished composer, singer-songwrtier,  multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, and although you may not recognise him by name, I can assure you that you have more than likely come across his work unintentionally through television and radio adverts.

Performing with bands as a drummer for the past ten years, covering numerous styles such as rock, blues, jazz, big band, reggae, orchestral, and latin. Yule has recently set off on an adventure of growing  his career as a solo artist,  with a goal of releasing more of his own beautiful and original alternative folk music, which he certainly seems to have a great ear for composing.

Miller YuleWith a voice that can only be described as delicate and soothing, Yule’s lyrics tell the familiar stories of love, hope and also of his tough battle with depression. With raw emotions and captivating melodies, that brilliantly showcase his sensitivity, Yule could be compared to the likes of Christopher Coleman, The Paper Kites and Jack Dishel (Only Son), as well as being described as a male equivalent of Tiny Ruins.

With a varied array on songs uploaded to his sound cloud account already, I recently caught up with Yule in the Voicebox Studios where he records and also works as an engineer, to listen to more of his recent and upcoming tracks. Currently working on a new single titled, “Shoot Me In The Heart,’ which he hopes to release within the next month, I can assure you- it’s a great song, that you are going to want to keep your ears and eyes out for.

Having supported the likes of Don McGlashan at The Leigh Sawmill, and The Nowhere Effect at Auckland’s Pumphouse Theatre & Nectar Bar in both 2012 & 2014, while continuing to compose music for television and film, also recently beginning to compose children’s music for entertainer Suzy Cato, I have no doubt Yule still has a very long and successful career ahead of him, in music, which you can keep up to date with on Facebook and join him on his musical journey as I most certainly will be.

Miller YuleFrom 23 years of age, we then go to Christchurch’s 15 year old Neil MacLeod, who records and releases music via sound cloud under the name KILLS.

When I was recently sent the link to this young man’s music, I was immensely impressed by his deep, unique tone and original sound, at this point still, unbeknown to how old he was. Once I discovered he was still in fact a very young teen, I just couldn’t believe it. The maturity of the vocals and lyrics that he produces are just mesmerising and would be more expected of someone in their 20s rather than their early teens.

Beginning playing guitar at the age of 12, he soon began writing his own songs and set up a home studio in his bedroom, so he could begin recording his own material and upload it to sound cloud for others to hear and enjoy.

Like Yule, a lot of McLeod’s lyrics subliminally focus on a certain emotion, also admitting that he often writes about  the exciting, confusing and sometimes melancholic stages of life and growing up as a teenager in society today.

With his sights set on becoming a successful musician one day, McLeod dreams of performing in front of big crowds, and hearing them sing back to him, the lyrics he has written and created. Keen to try new genres, McLeod also has a lot of upbeat, electronic music, as well as acoustic ballads with more complicated soundscapes, with a dream of merging these different styles together in the future to create a unique sound that is quickly  recognised as his own.

Miller YuleWith some big dreams in mind, I for one have no doubt that this young man definitely has the voice, talent,maturity and determination to achieve anything he sets his mind to, and highly suggest that you should keep an ear out for the name KILLS, in the future, as McLeod certainly still has a lot to offer the world of music.

If his original compositions which you can check out on sound cloud, are anything to go by, than New Zealand needs to buckle up and get ready to have their minds blown, because Neil McLeod aka KILLS is here to show us what true talent is all about.

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