Become a Super Star in a Super-T

We are excited to launch our new Music Nation Supers Stars supporters page!

If you aren’t familiar with crowdfunding, it’s an easy way for you to help us and in turn local Kiwi bands, producers and

Music Nation is an independent media company run by a core group of music enthusiast volunteers, photographers and writers.

We would love to expand the site and bring more in-depth content, interviews and stories, particularly with local Kiwi artists.

  • More video productions
  • More live event coverage
  • Greater coverage and support of local artists

Some of the major challenges we face as an independent media provider are:

  • No funding opportunities.
  • Limited resources to cover local grassroots artists
  • Ever-increasing costs for promotion

Become a Music Nation Super Star

Supporting us is a great way to support New Zealand live music.

1-year, recurring donation $95. Includes limited edition Music Nation Super Star T-Shirt.

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