Eyreton Hall launch Pledgeme campaign for new album Spaces

Eyreton Hall launch Pledgeme campaign for new album Spaces

Andrew Keegan and Toni Randle make up Auckland based duo,Eyreton Hall and they’re set to launch their first Pledgeme campaign on June the 1st for their sophomore album Spaces.

This new offering is still classic folk/pop in nature but has the potential for more global appeal. The songs are catchy and simple but reveal added layers of depth on subsequent listenings.

So why Spaces? The album name comes from the title track – one of the first songs written and is dedicated to a good friend who the band farewelled in October of 2015.

“That particular song is about the curious process that occurs when it’s a final goodbye”, states Randle. “The way you find them in the most unusual of places – long after they are no longer with you”.

The title of album also refers to the spaces that are found when you experience new loves, spaces you never knew you had to fill, and also refers directly to the music. The sparseness of the lyrics and less complex harmonies are by design, but the usual trade mark languid melodies are still there.

“We’ve been really lucky to work with Ben King as both recording engineer and co producer, and that has helped to create a really cohesive sound”.

Eyreton Hall are joined by Sam Taylor (Nadia Reid), Mark Hughes (Bic Runga, Tim Finn, Dave Dobbyn) and Tim Randle (Stormporter).

“Song writing takes you away from the everydayness of life, allowing me to be really be honest with my thoughts in a way I never could with words alone”. says Keegan. “But it’s not all sorrow. It’s easy to write a sad song – there is so much to lament and languish over. It’s being present for the those blissful moments that takes patience and being really in tune with what’s going on around you – and I’m pleased to say there are quite a few happy songs on this album”.

To contact Eyreton Hall directly please go to their Facebook page www.facebook.com/eyretonhall OR bandcamp www.bandcamp.com/eyretonhall

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