Fleet Foxes – Live @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2018

Fleet Foxes – Live @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2018

Powerstation had an almost full house with a mix of all ages eagerly awaiting for fleet foxes to come out on stage and give their performance. For the first time in six years they have returned to New Zealand to promote their third album, “Crack- Up”. Auckland being the first gig of the year, and only 1 of 2 that are here, they have a world tour finishing up in June 2018, and in Spain.


They are an Indi Folk band who are originally from Seattle Washington, who first got their claim to fame in 2008 to create the almost mythical sound that you hear them perform today. With 2 other albums under their belt, the third wasn’t short of anything special.

Made up of 5 very creative and extremely musically talented gentlemen, I sure wasn’t disappointed with the talent that they brought to the night. I would have to say my favourite musician out of all, however, had to be Morgan Henderson. Not only did he play just about every instrument you could think of, but he played with his whole being as it was written on his face.

When Morgan first was on stage and performing, he was playing the guitar like most of the other members. Which is pretty standard for this genre of music. When he then decided to change it up and play the flute, I was most impressed. It was so delicately played and it fitted right into each song so well, it was just music to my ears and I was almost mesmerised by not just listening but by watching him play as well. And if that wasn’t enough, out came the shakers, and then the tambourine, trombone and last but not even the least, the cello. Each instrument was set up right next to him on stage with easy reach as he had to complete so many instrument changes. It was a talent in itself to even be able to complete that. Morgan, by far you were my favourite to watch just with all the instruments you had to play and switch between, so thanks for the entertainment!


The lead singer, Robin Pecknold, had some great vocals hitting some really high notes that were quite impressive. He also had to change out his multiple guitars throughout each song as well, like literally in the same song, switching between 2 guitars. The person who was off to the side making sure each was still in tune and making sure he had the correct instrument to give to Robin, ups to you mate! Job well done!

When all songs were being played, they all came together and really harmonised and were in sync with each other and it really was quite magical. The audience loved it and had most people swaying to each song, with a small group of headbangers in the mix getting down as well.

With a halfway small break, Robin stayed on stage to keep us all entertained while the other 4 took a short very well earned water break. It was super-hot inside the Powestation, so they would have most definitely welcomed the break. However, never did any of them fault in their performance no matter how sweaty or hot they were.

All back onstage to get ready to folk out for the last hour of their performance, Robin was still going strong. How he has this much energy to keep going while the rest all had a break, I will never know. But I would dare say it most likely has something to do with all the passion he has for his music and band. As he is the principal songwriter for the group, it’s no wonder he was happy to continue.

As the night slowly starts to daw to an end, and my back starts to get sore from standing for the last couple hours, Fleet Foxes were a real talent to hear play. And with their final performance, and the crowd wanting more, they came back out for a final 2 song encore to close out the night. The crowd cheering and woohooing them on, everyone went home very happy after a great first gig of the year for them on their tour. Well done guys!

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