Gold Medal Famous To Release 6th Album ‘Activity’

Gold Medal Famous To Release 6th Album ‘Activity’

Gold Medal Famous is a three-piece genre fluid electropop act founded in Wellington in 2008. Known for their captivating live performances, complete with intense audience interaction and comedic stunts, you might love or hate them, but you won’t forget what you’ve seen.

Signed to Auckland indie label Powertool Records, Gold Medal Famous will be releasing their sixth album ‘Activity’ on May 27 2017.

Gold Medal Famous are prolific recorders with 28 releases available on their own Bandcamp page in addition to their releases on Powertool.

‘Activity’, which follows 2015’s ‘Deep In The Heart of Saturday Night’, is a concept album about doing things.

The lead single We Bought A House is about the Kiwi dream of home ownership. The song is a blank canvas with enough space for all your dreams and anxieties about home ownership. It is middle class ‘banksta’ rap.

The album was created using the “firing squad methodology”. The band created the sounds on electronic devices that they each took turns on, before passing on the device to another member of the group. This generated the sonic resources used as source material for the album to be arranged into the songs you hear. Gold Medal Famous don’t know which of the band members originally generated the sounds used, just as members of a firing squad do not know which one of them fired the fatal bullet.

What Others Say About Gold Medal Famous…

“Their live show has to be seen to be believed. Clever, provocative and at times uncomfortable. They wear their political views on their sleeves and polarise audiences… Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, you will be entertained and find yourself talking about them long after the show.” –Andrew Maitai, Powertool Records

“Gold Medal Famous is performance that swings from deadpan delivery to writhing around on the floor. They make you dance, laugh, think…spot on social commentary about the shit that goes down in NZ.” – Jess Haugh aka Scarlett Lashes, musician

“GMF remind us that people have the right to create boring music in trousers, or beautiful, fucked up, weird shit in golden speedos. I know what I want more of.“
Lake South, musician

“Gold Medal Famous is the kind of band you need to see at least once in your lifetime – they create a show that is as much art as it is music.” –

Some Gold Medal Famous Facts

Vorn Colgan – keyboard, laptop, kaossilator, backing vocals, percussion

Tamsin Grigg – guitar, backing vocals, percussion

Chris Wilson – lead vocals, theremin, noise boxes, percussion

‘Activity’ is self-produced, and was recorded between March 2016 and March 2017 by Vorn at his house in Mount Pleasant, Wellington, NZ. The liner notes contain a bibliography.

Mastered by Daniel Mañetto (ex-Voom, Drop Dead Redhead) in April 2017, at 0 Studios in Auckland.

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