Incubus – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

Incubus – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

Many people are all anxiously waiting for Incubus to come out on stage and rock our socks off! The crowd is gently humming away, people moving about trying to get the best possible standing position.


Out on stage comes the band! Woohoo, here we go! With them promoting their latest album, 8, aptly named as this is also their eighth album. I have never heard such a loud crowd as I did last night and all they did was walk on stage. How exciting this tone has been set for the rest of the night.

With Incubus being on stage dancing around and being energetic, they have some amazing lights and graphics display. On-screen not only do they have the most detailed images while performing onstage, they switch it up between it being of them and it being distorted and look really wicked, but also spinning through some fantastic lights and colours making it quite the visual effects evening.

After each song, the ripped lead singer Brandon Boyd humbly says thank you. And often in between songs while having a quick drink takes a second to chat with the crowd, “Thank you Auckland for having us here we are loving the atmosphere! Are you all having a great time tonight?” The crowd loves it and cheers, they head straight into the next song with just as much hype as the one before. His notable long shiny hair swinging around his frame while he sings his heart out for all of us.

They, of course, played all their hit classics that you expect, Wish you were here, Are you in, Nice to know you, just to name a few, along with their newer and much-loved hits, Nimble Bastard, Glitterbomb. With each of these amazing songs, Brandon would pause and let the crowd sing along with him. We all knew the words and it was fantastic! The band would turn up the lights to see us, take some pictures of us and then turn them back down, and continue to rock on out. I was right in my element, singing along all night long to each song.

I have to make a special shout out to the wicked turntablist Chris Kilmore, he totally killed it out there tonight! It was even better live as he had more freedom to spin it out and let loose a bit and it certainly showed! Chris you are the man, all hands down to you as spun tonight! No Words…

As they are right in the middle of another classic, Are you In, Brandon pulls the night to a top, pulling up a security guard who may have been doing their job a little too well at the front with the crowd who were just there to have a good time, and was in not so many words to just chill the …. Out and have a good time. Best night ever! The crowd totally reacted to it and cheered him on, but Brandon was not having anyone’s night ruined. Thanks for standing up for the little man, we love you!

Not only did they pull off all their best and newest songs, they did a couple of cover songs, including INXCS’s Need you tonight, and Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here”. What more are they capable of?

Continuing on from this side event of the night, the show slowly then comes to an end. No one is ready, but they say their thanks yours and walk off stage. The lights haven’t come back on, I’m not ready to go. Will they come back on??

The chanting “Incubus, Incubus, Incubus”….. and anyone and everyone who had a phone with a light, this was on waving in the air hoping and praying they would come back onstage…. Sure enough ”you guys want more???Can we play a couple more songs for ya’ll?” Um, of course, you can!

3 more songs later and ending on their iconic, and my most ever favourite “Drive”, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Not only did I get amazing lights and graphics display, I had a bit of drama/comedy, amazing performance and even better tunes to listen to. One of the best nights. Thanks Incubus, and don’t take too long to come back again.

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