Kelela – Live @ The Studio, Auckland 2018

Kelela – Live @ The Studio, Auckland 2018

Music Nation concert reviewer Moniq popped along to check out Kelela’s debut NZ gig @ the Studio in Auckland, turns out it was well worth the trip


So we’re here at 8.30 and the room is empty. Wondering if I’ve gotten the wrong place, but realise they are most likely waiting for the opening act at 10.15, the talented Kelela.

With Villette due to be on stage any second, I feel like I’m the oldest person in the room, but at least we have more people arriving now. There’s a very chilled vibe happening and it’s quite enjoyable. All the fans are dressed in a unique way so I cannot wait to hear the music for the night.

With Kelela being an up and coming R’n’B singer originally from Washington, this is her first New Zealand tour. With the release of her latest album “Take me apart”, this is the perfect way to promote her mystical sound. As one of the hottest women in USA, this should be a great night. I’m very intrigued to see what I’m in for.

An hour into the night with one of the opening acts not showing up, Villette comes out on stage and puts on a great performance.

She has 2 amazing dancers who you watch closely, dance alongside with her throughout her performance. They have such great synchronisation you know they’ve been practising in anticipation for their big night.

She’s very much all about girl empowerment and standing up for yourself and sings from past experiences. Wearing a pink 2 piece with a little black brassiere she’s very much the diva girl singing her heart out. With an epic start to the night after a long wait with no other opening act, she got the crowd reared up ready to go for the main event of the evening.

After what feels like a lifetime, the lights dim the crowd cheers, screams and before you know it Kelela and her back up team are on stage. Blue and white lighting create the perfect almost choir type feeling as they harmonise between themselves with their opening songs. Beautiful dresses in white, Kelela then makes her grand entrance onto the stage singing right along with her 2 girls. They look almost angelic as they sing the rest of the night away and for the most part in perfect harmony.

She has such a soulful voice and the crowd really bounce off her performance.  Not only does she sing just beautifully, she sways and moves to her music which almost is mesmerising to watch making it quite the relax feeling.

As she builds her songs throughout the night, she becomes more seductive and really pulls you in. And if you’re lucky enough to catch her eye you then feel it too. Each song just as soulful as the last, although most sounding very similar to each other, it was quite enjoyable to listen too.

With what’s been a long night of great music, and a very packed out place, the crowd were sad when the night came to an end. She thanked everyone so graciously for joining her and having her perform in the beautiful country of New Zealand, took her bows along with her back up singers and she was done for the night. The crowd never let up until she was well off the stage. As we all file out, hot sweaty and feeling like herded sheep, we walk out into the fresh air and cool breeze of the night and everyone is in good vibes. What a way to spend a Friday night…

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