Now is a great time to be an up and coming singer in the New Zealand music industry, could be big things in the future for this talented young lady.

Making waves this month is Christchurch newcomer Maya Payne with her debut single Fragile – a Portishead-esk slow jam that showcases her voice perfectly. The single was mixed by US multi-Grammy Award winning producer Dru Castro.  She is due to visit Auckland soon to lay down tracks for an upcoming EP or album release, maybe even a live performance is on the books?  Will keen you updated, in the mean time follow her on Facebook

Maya said in an email “I wrote the song and then practiced and recorded the music with a great band of guys at the Christchurch School of Jazz and all things Music. Massive thanks to Daniel Hitchens (Guitar), Cameron Burnett( Drums), Nick Dow( Keys) and Joe Vaiese( Bass) for their great efforts and time. Thanks also to Barnaby Coxon for his recording efforts at the Jazz School Studio. Then, I hit the studio with Dru to see how we could mould it. And here it is. I hope you like it.” 

…yes, we like it a lot!

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